May 20, 2024

A boy finds his long abducted sister through Facebook

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A 19-year-old boy find his abducted sister, now 20 while scrolling on Facebook

A 19-year-old boy has found his long kidnapped sister, now 20years old while scrolling on Facebook. 

It was a picture on Facebook that captured his attention.

A photograph of a woman who looked uncannily like his mother. It was so intriguing that he had to show it to his grandmother, who then encouraged him to post it on Facebook and show it to his mother.

He had no idea that his discovery would bring an end to a 20-year hunt for his kidnapped sister.

According to SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, a 16-year-old juvenile gave birth to a baby girl at the Ermelo Provincial Hospital on March 23, 2001, and was afterward discharged with her aunt.

“On the route to Breyten, they encountered a woman who supposedly offered to hold the baby while the mother was in pain and dizzy.” “The aunt was in a store.”

The youngster was allegedly abducted by the woman, and an abduction case was filed.

“Police searched but were unsuccessful until November 29, 2021, when new information became available.”

According to Mohlala, authorities conducted DNA tests and discovered that the 50-year-old lady was not the biological mother.

She was detained, charged, and brought before the Ermelo Magistrate’s Court.

The woman was granted bail and will return to court in January.

The now 20-year-old abductee was surprised and traumatized, according to Mohlala, and is currently in a safe location. The distance between the two families is less than 50 kilometers.

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