May 20, 2024

A mother pours boiled water on her son

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A mother pours boiled water on her eight-year-old son as a punishment for removing a bolt from her grinding machine.

A psychiatric test has been ordered for a mother who poured boiled water on her eight-year-old son in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The mother did the step as retaliation for the boy taking a bolt from her grinding machine and selling it to a scrap buyer.

The occurrence was termed as “sad” by the Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development, who vowed that the government would “get to the bottom of it.”

“The woman explained that she was punishing her child for removing one bolt from her grinding machine and selling it to scrap metal buyers.

“After hitting the youngster, she bathed him with water she had heated for herself.”

“The child is currently receiving care at a government hospital after being rescued by Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps troops. We’re relieved to see that he’s responding well to treatment.

“The said mother involved attempted to escape, though we were able to apprehend her.”

“We’ve already enlisted the support of the Nigerian Bar Association’s human rights committee to assist the mother and determine why she did what she did.”

“How can you give birth to a child and then scold the child with hot water? This worries us.”

“We haven’t been able to speak with the child since he’s in pain, but the investigation will reveal why the boy did what he did.” Is it possible he was hungry? We still don’t know.

“The ministry will also take advantage of this occurrence to engage psychologists to assess the mother and figure out what’s wrong with her reason,” the commissioner added.

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