June 14, 2024

A Woman Moves to Court to Claim Ownership of Jimmy Wanjigi’s Land

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Jimmy Wanjigi’s problems are becoming worse as a woman goes to court to claim ownership of his property.

A woman has filed a suit against Jimmy Wanjingi, claiming ownership over his piece of land.

Cissy Kalunde Musembi requested to be enjoined as a party interested in a dispute over a parcel of property that she claims is hers.

In the case before the Land and Environment Court, Wanjigi had obtained orders preventing his arrest and prosecution over the contested land.

Documents proving ownership were falsified. According to Citizen Digital, Musembi testified in court that Wanjigi is a member of a cartel that faked ownership documents, as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has determined (DCI).

She went on to say that the court should consider the joinder application as soon as possible before the case is resolved.

“The fraud and theft that was hatched and designed to fraudulently snatch away from the Interested Party/Applicant the property known as Land Reference Number 1870/11/200 comprised in grant registered as number IR. No.65800/1,” reads the court papers. 

Wanjigi obtained restraining orders against his arrest, according to Musembi, by misleading and withholding crucial information from the court in order to protect himself and his smart associates.

The land in question is in Nairobi’s Westlands neighborhood, and its current market worth is KSh 56 million.

Jimmy Wanjigi’s run-ins with the state have intensified since he announced his interest to run for the presidency. 

The most recent onslaught was on January 17 when CID detectives stormed his Kwacha Group of Companies offices in Westlands, Nairobi. 

The billionaire stated in a statement that the night raid was most likely related to a speech in which he chastised Raila Odinga for running for president after swearing not to do so in 2017.

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