June 14, 2024

Alex Ferguson was worried about what Jurgen Klopp could do with Liverpool 

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Alex Ferguson was worried about what Jurgen Klopp could do with Liverpool; Sky pundit has reveled after United loss.

Sky pundit has shared what Sir Alex Ferguson told him about Klopp in private chat in Old Trafford dressing room.

From the start of Jurgen Klopp’s rule, Sir Alex Ferguson was concerned about what he could do with Liverpool, according to Jamie Carragher.

Last night, Klopp’s Reds defeated Manchester United at Anfield, with Sir Alex Ferguson watching on as his former side was thrashed for the second time this season.

Carragher discussed what Ferguson told him about Klopp in the locker room at Old Trafford on the Gary Neville Podcast after that game.

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“I played in a game at Old Trafford, I think it was Michael Carrick’s testimonial,” said Carragher.

“Alex Ferguson went round the dressing room – I think he had been manager of one of the teams – and I think Klopp had been at the club for about a month.

“And he said to be ‘you’ve got a manager’. I went ‘oh yeah, yeah’. Klopp had made a decent start.

“But he said to me ‘I’m worried’. That was at the time United were still above Liverpool, but he knew from meeting him at UEFA meetings, or whatever it was, but he could feel it.”

Klopp is exactly the type of manager United needed to usher them into their new era following Ferguson’s retirement, but Liverpool beat them to it.

Not only that, but they also offered him a serious football project, with support and knowledge to help him reshape the club in his image, and the outcomes are as follows.

Meanwhile, United is still stumbling around, and their performance against Liverpool last night was worse than any other in recent memory.

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