“All the information I’m getting..” Sky Sports journalist drops hint on Paul Pogba situation

Paul Pogba future at Manchester United; Sky Sports journalist Dharmesh Sheth drops the hint.

The 28-year-old midfielder is in the final six months of his contract with the club, although the club has reportedly been seeking to extend it since the summer.

The club was ‘prepared to lose Paul Pogba for free next summer after conceding the midfielder will not sign a new deal at Old Trafford,’ according to ESPN in October, although that was under the previous administration of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has since left the club.

Sheth discussed Pogba’s future on Sky Sports News’ The Transfer Show, implying that even though his contract is scheduled to expire, the chance of him staying is still on the table, even if it winds all the way down.

He said: “All the information I’m getting is he’s likely to make this decision in the summer. 

Despite the clamor that simply because he hasn’t signed a contract yet, everyone instantly assumes he’s gone, Manchester United will still be one of the alternatives

“That’s not what I’m hearing as the case ‘100% yes’. It can happen, of course, because he’s a free agent, but one of the options that he will look at will be staying at Manchester United.”

Pogba’s season hasn’t gone well, as despite his seven assists, he has yet to score in any tournament and has been out with an injury for some time.

While Manchester United may still hope that he would sign a new contract with the club, the writing is on the wall for the Frenchman’s future.

If he isn’t willing to commit to the club right now, it’s evident that his heart isn’t in it, and you should doubt his dedication.

That should be a clear indication that it’s time for the club to move on from Paul Pogba, who has scored just 38 goals since re-joining the club in 2016, despite his then-world-record transfer.

With less than two weeks before the end of the window, it could be wiser for United to try to sell him now in order to recoup some money rather than risk allowing him leave for free in the summer.

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