June 20, 2024

Arrest Stanley Livondo, Kuria tells DCI after assassination claims 

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Stanley Livondo claimed at Kuria’s prayer event that powerful people hatched a plan to assassinate the President.

However, the Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has ordered DCI head George Kinoti to investigate Stanley Livondo’s remarks at his thanksgiving meeting in Thika yesterday.

Kuria attended a thanksgiving-turned-political gathering in Thika yesterday, following his return from Dubai after more than 100 days of treatment, when Livondo, a former MP aspirant, said that some top officials plotted to kill President Uhuru Kenyatta years ago.

Livondo’s comments went viral and have been trending on social media since last evening, attracting attention and criticism from political pundits around the country.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, the Gatundu lawmaker said that Livondo’s remarks were ‘reckless’.

“As the convener of the thanksgiving prayer meeting in Thika, I may not be responsible for what speakers said but it was my meeting and I have to take responsibility,” Kuria tweeted.

“I have today requested the DCI boss George Kinoti to arrest Stanley Livondo following his reckless statement,” he added.

Stanely Livondo alleged during Kuria’s thanksgiving event in Thika that a senior government official plotted to wreck Uhuru’s plane on two consecutive times.

In the first assassination attempt, he stated the president was traveling from Kisumu to Nairobi, while in the second, he claimed he was flying to the United States through Dubai.

According to the flamboyant politician, when Uhuru learned of the ominous plans, he entirely broke ranks with the top-ranking government official, leaving many wondering what happened between them despite their close relationship.

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