May 20, 2024

Arsenal legend Ian Wright sends Cristiano Ronaldo stern warning over his furious reactions

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright has sent Cristiano Ronaldo a stern warning over his furious reactions after Manchester United substitution.

Cristiano Ronaldo was enraged after being replaced in Manchester United’s victory over Brentford.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s response to being substituted in Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Brentford, according to Arsenal legend Ian Wright, has the potential to hurt his reputation.

With United two goals with just under 20 minutes remaining, interim manager Ralf Rangnick took off Ronaldo for Harry Maguire.

Rangnick’s tactical decision, on the other hand, enraged Ronaldo, who threw his tracksuit coat to the ground in disgust before cutting a deeply angry figure on the bench while chatting with his teammates and coaching staff.

Rangnick attempted to console Ronaldo before stating that it was natural for a player with Ronaldo’s skills to feel disappointed after being removed from the game.

Although United manager Jose Mourinho was pleased with Portugal captain Ronaldo’s response, former Arsenal star Wright was not, claiming that Ronaldo had undone all of his good work, including the counsel he had given to Anthony Elanga earlier in the evening.

Wright told Optus Sport: “Cristiano Ronaldo has come back to Manchester United at a time when he is lauded as one of the greatest ever.

“You see those scenes of the manager having to talk to him, it’s uncomfortable. And you’d have thought that with his experience he would think not to do that there.

“I remember him talking to Elanga at length at the start of that game and you’re thinking: ‘That’s brilliant’.

“How good must that be for Elanga, a young player like that getting that schooling off of Ronaldo and then he leaves the pitch like that which was very confusing.

“I think that harms him because all that does is make the Lionel Messi brigade say: ‘Messi would never do that!'”

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