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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry barred for life from Gunners sports pub 

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is barred for life from Gunners sports pub in America for his past transgressions.

Thierry Henry is widely considered as one of Arsenal’s all-time great players, adored by the club’s worldwide fan base.

However, one Gunners-crazed pub in America has banned the French forward from entering.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry led the Gunners to two Premier League crowns and two FA Cup victories in eight incredible seasons.

With 228 goals to his name, Henry is Arsenal’s all-time leading scorer, and his achievements during the club’s ‘Invincibles’ season will live on in Gunners hearts forever.

The famous forward is listed as one of three players – alongside Roy Keane and Stephen Ireland – who are ‘not welcome’ at McGarry’s for their infractions concerning Ireland’s national team, according to a plaque proudly displayed in the Irish-owned institution.

Under a signed image of Henry, a note reads: ‘Deliberately handled twice, then celebrated like nothing had happened, as William Gallas scored the winner from his handball pass. Ireland missed the World Cup.’

The description is then followed by the words: ‘Les Cheat’.

Those who frequent Maggie McGarry’s, a popular hangout for Bay Area Arsenal fans that is stuffed with Arsenal memorabilia, are visibly enraged by Henry’s notorious handball, which cost the Boys in Green a spot in the 2010 World Cup.

At the very least, he isn’t the only one who has been banned: Manchester United star Keane has been barred for his actions during the 2002 World Cup, while former Manchester City and Stoke player Ireland has been barred for lying about his deceased grandmother in 2007.

The San Francisco Manchester City Blues, a fan club dedicated to Pep Guardiola’s star-studded Premier League champions, frequent the adaptable sports bar.

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