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Azimio MPs protest against the invitation of Martha Koome to the Parliamentary induction ceremony

Azimio MPs protest against the invitation of Martha Koome to the Parliamentary induction ceremony as they threatened to walk out.

Azimio-affiliated Members of Parliament (MPs) threatened to stage a walkout on Chief Justice Martha Koome during the induction of members of the 13th Parliament.

Speaking to the media on Monday, September 19, the Azimio lawmakers protested the allocation of time to Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The coalition party, according to Nyando lawmaker Jared Okelo, had no time for CJ Koome since she had failed to protect Kenya’s constitution.

Okelo criticized her for the rhetoric she used during the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Presidential petition, claiming that her attendance at the week-long orientation session would just reopen a fresh wound she had caused on the party.

“We are dissatisfied that Parliament has invited the Chief Justice to come and make a presentation. The judgment that she rendered was full of insults and I do not think we deserved them.

“She does not interpret the law as it ought to be. We will respectfully walk away when she shows up to make that presentation,” he stated.

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In a thinly veiled attack, Okelo opted to use the words uttered by the president of the Supreme Court against her, expressing that she had nothing new to offer the 13th August House.

“There is nothing new that she can bring to the MPs because we have copies of the constitution and standing orders,”

“Whatever she is bringing here today is full of hot air, an unproven hypothesis, red herring, and all the negative attributes that she described our petition with,” the lawmaker chided.

On his part, Funyula MP Wilberforce Oundo poked holes at the conduct of the Supreme Court Judges when delivering a ruling on a sensitive election. Oundo asked Koome to concentrate on reforming her arm of the government.

“We expect judges and people in the judiciary to be of good manner and temper so that whatever judgment they render is not full of innuendos. When she comes, or at whatever venue, has the time to redeem the image o the judiciary that respects the people of Kenya,” he stated.

Koome was expected to address the 13th House today during the induction ceremony of the 13th Parliament.

However, She skipped the event after Azimio MPS protested her invite, where she was to deliver a keynote speech.

CJ Koome was instead represented by the Court of Appeal President Daniel Musinga.

This comes amid calls by the Azimio leader Raila Odinga to initiate immediate reforms of the judiciary. 

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