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Azimio to take the fight against GMOs to parliament as they ask the church to take a stand

Azimio will take the fight against GMOs to parliament after President Ruto in a cabinet resolution approved the use of genetically engineered crops and animal feeds.

The calls for President William Ruto to reconsider his stand on lifting the ban on GMO foods in the country is gaining momentum.

The leader of the Wiper party, Kalonzo Musyoka, is the most recent figure to call on the President to reconsider his position on the issue, claiming that while GMO foods will ease the nation’s food shortfall in the short term, they will have negative long-term health impacts on the populace.

Speaking to the media on 11, October, Kalonzo faulted President Ruto for the lifting of the GMO food ban saying that Azimio will take the fight to the parliament.

“When the President was Minister for Agriculture, he was vehemently opposed to GMOs as I am… I’m calling on William to reconsider (lifting of the ban) for the sake of this country,” Kalonzo said.

The Coalition says GMOs are a threat to the lives of Kenyans and companies that deal in seeds in the country, risk being driven out of business owing to the entry of multinational companies.

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka says the government should have had national consultation before lifting the ban.

He says multinationals sponsored skewed research, that led to the lifting of the ban.

“Even if our farmers adopt the BT-maize seed, this will not bring down the cost of maize since the price is artificially manipulated,” he added.

Kalonzo further noted that food security should not be premised on maize consumption alone.

While condemning the decision to lift the ban, Kalonzo called out the Church and urged it to speak against the introduction of GMO foods in Kenya.

“We are surprised by the silence of the Church which was once against GMOs. Could it be that they are pacified by the new administration… we urge our religious leaders not to sell their souls but to speak the truth to power,” he said.

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