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‘Bwana ya mtu sumu’;Message written woman’s breasts, thighs, and palms whose body found stashed in suitcase

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‘bwana ya mtu sumu’; the revenge message written on the body of a woman found stashed in a suitcase.

Police are probing the murder of a young woman whose corpse was discovered in a suitcase near the GSU barracks in Kimbo, Kiambu County, on Monday evening.

Dorothy Miragusha, Juja Sub-County Police Commander According to preliminary investigations, the woman was strangled while she was between the ages of 18 and early 20.

“The body had been wrapped in a nylon sack and stashed in a black suitcase. Her hands were tied at the back, while her legs were bound together using a manila rope. 

A nylon-string suspected to have been used in her strangulation was tied around her neck,” a police report filed at the Mugutha Police Station under the OB Number 26/17/1/2022 said.

“She had a deep cut injury on her left breast,” says the report.

When the bag sat on the side of the road for about two hours without being claimed, people became inquisitive.

A message in the shape of a revenge note was scribbled on the woman’s breasts, thighs, and palms, according to Juja police chief Miragusha.

“The message said: ‘bwana ya mtu sumu (dating someone’s husband is akin to taking poison)’,” said Miragusha.


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A blue permanent marker pen was used to write the message.

According to authorities, no arrests have been made in connection with the murder thus yet.

According to Miragusha, the investigation thus far shows that the young woman was murdered elsewhere and her body discarded in Kimbo.

As investigations continue, the woman’s body was taken to Nairobi City Mortuary.

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