May 22, 2024

Charity Ngilu expresses shock over Ruto-Raila political deal

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Charity Ngilu expresses shock over Ruto-Raila political deal

Charity Ngilu expresses shock over Ruto-Raila political deal

Ngilu say she did not envision a handshake or Ruto-Raila political deal adding that she’s still studying how the two buried the hatchet.

Former Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has expressed shock at how the newfound bromance between President William Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga was established.

Speaking during the Launch of the Women Governors Caucus G7 Strategy in Nairobi, on Thursday, March 7, Ngilu noted that she did not envision that handshake or Ruto-Raila deal.

She told women leaders and other leaders present that she was still studying how the two leaders buried their political differences and agreed to work together.

Ngilu pointed out that she was impressed by the support President Ruto had shown towards supporting Raila Odinga to become the next African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson.

However, Ngilu requested President Ruto to extend the same amount of support to other leaders close to Raila.

“What has shocked me in the last few days is a new handshake. Thank you for supporting Baba (Raila) to become the next AUC Chair,” she stated.

“But you cannot support him alone, he has so many other people with him. But I would like to study and understand how this works,” she stated.

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Besides expressing shock at the newfound handshake, Ngilu advised Ruto to prioritise appointing more women leaders. she noted that the leaders will play an integral part in helping him achieve his legacy.

At the same time, she challenged the Kirinyaga Governor and the chair of the Council of Governors Anne Waiguru to rally behind other women leaders to increase representation in the upcoming general elections.

The sentiments come days after Ngilu asked Raila to plan for his succession before departing for the AUC role.

“Baba, how have you arranged? How have you planned? I have been told to avoid politics here, but I don’t think I can avoid it, and I know many of you will not ask. I have been with Baba for all my years in politics, so I will ask him. He should explain to us,” said Ngilu.

She added, “When a child leaves their mother or when a father leaves a child, they must plan for them. So, I want to ask you, Baba, organize us well. You organized us in 2002; you must do it again so that we know how to take this country forward.”

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