May 20, 2024

Chelsea billionaire Abramovich turned up to Chelsea match ‘with guns and armed bodyguards’

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Chelsea billionaire Abramovich turned up to Chelsea match ‘with guns and armed bodyguards’, Baroness Karen Brady admits.

Baroness Karen Brady claims that Roman Abramovich, who recently put Chelsea up for sale, arrived at Birmingham City’s stadium with ‘arms and armed bodyguards.’

Baroness West Ham vice-chairman Karen Brady admitted that when she first met Chelsea billionaire Abramovich, he arrived escorted by armed men.

In a comprehensive tribute to her relationships with Chelsea, Brady has spoken about the Russian tycoon putting the club up for sale.

The 52-year-old said that Abramovich, who has recently put the Blues up for sale, once showed up to an FA Cup match at Birmingham City’s St Andrew’s Stadium with armed personnel.

Writing in The Sun, Brady said: “I was in place at Birmingham City when Abramovich came to watch as we played Chelsea in the FA Cup.

“There were rumours he was a dodgy man with dodgy money. I was told he had a jet permanently parked on a runway in case he had to escape from anyone or anything.

“He arrived with armed bodyguards and we had to point out it was against the law to carry guns in the UK.

“But everyone associated with Chelsea, including him, displayed nothing but professionalism and respect.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea supporters were blasted after they sang over the minute’s applause for Ukraine before playing Burnley.

Before their 4-0 win at Turf Moor, fans were heard chanting the name of Abramovich during the period in which respect was paid to Ukraine amid the ongoing war.

Abramovich announced his decision to sell the club after receiving following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with even calls for the 55-year-old to be hit with sanctions.

In response to the chanting, Thomas Tuchel said: “It’s not the moment to do this.

“If we show solidarity we show solidarity and we should do it together.

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