Christian Eriksen set for football comeback after a successful medical procedure

Christian Eriksen is set for a football comeback at Brentford after a successful medical procedure.

Christian Eriksen’s return to full health following that “scare incident” on the pitch during the Euro 2020 competition has been inspiring to watch.

The question for Dane was whether finding another team that will take him on at an elite level would be enough to extend his career.

Obviously, a thorough medical examination would be required, as well as more testing than usual, before a decision could be reached.

Fortunately for Christian Eriksen, Brentford has been ready to take a risk on him, and it now appears like he will complete a short-term loan agreement with the Bees before the transfer window closes.

According to Sky Sports’ Lyall Thomas, Eriksen is set to sign a contract until the end of the season after completing all of the required medical tests.

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