June 18, 2024

Church elder collapses and dies while on podium

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Church elder collapses and dies while on podium

A church elder collapses and dies of a heart attack while giving an address to the congregation

A church elder collapses and dies of a heart attack while giving an address to the congregation.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 19 during a church service in Ruiru.

According to reports, the elder was addressing the congregation about when the church was opened, in June 2005, as well as highlighting the mission and vision.

“We came to this place in the year 2005 on June 19. We are only one month less than 19 years,” the elder opened in the 1-minute 24-second clip.

During the address, the elder was reminding the congregation of the church’s vision when he suddenly stopped talking and collapsed.

In the background, a woman’s voice could be heard screaming while other leaders who were at the podium at the time rushed to hold him.

Reports indicated that the deceased passed away after suffering a heart attack while at the podium of the church.

On May 24, the elder’s family published an obituary indicating that he was aged 67 years at the time of his demise. He was born in 1957.

“With deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will, we the family announce the passing of Rtd. Elder Eng. Kenneth Kungu Wainaina on 19th May 2024,” read the obituary in part.

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According to Cleveland Clinic’s online repository, a heart attack occurs when blood flow to a section of the heart muscle stops suddenly.

Many people who suffer from the disease feel pain in the chest which feels like discomfort, squeezing, or heaviness, or in more extreme cases, it can be a crashing pain.

Other symptoms include; shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations as well as dizziness.

The hospital indicates that the risk of suffering a heart attack for males increases once they hit the age of 45 while for females, their chances shoot at age 50.

Families with a history of heart disease also place individuals at higher risk. Poor lifestyles also contribute to a higher risk as well.

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