June 18, 2024

DCI detectives expose how two female employees stole Ksh15 million from a company

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DCI detectives expose how two female employees stole Ksh15 million from a company

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have exposed two employees who allegedly stole ksh15 million from a company

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have exposed two employees who allegedly stole ksh15 million from a company.

In a statement, DCI identified the suspects as Judy Muringe Mugo, 41, and Catherine Waithera Ruiru, 26, respectively the Marketing Officer and Receptionist for Goshens Real Estate based in Kiambu’s Ruaka township.

According to detectives, they got wind of the scheme after the company Director Mr Andrew Kirumba, reported the matter on January 23, 2024.

Kirumba accused Judy Mugo of duping Goshens Real Estate tenants into disregarding the pay bill and bank account provided on their lease agreement forms while remitting monthly rent and instead insisted on them using the company office line which she manned.

Being the marketing officer who also acted as liaison with the tenants and charged with the responsibility of issuing receipts to tenants who remitted their bill payments, Judy declared the company pay bill and bank account “no longer functional”, before directing that payments be channeled to the OPPO phone and number that the company issued to her for marketing purposes.

After receiving the hundreds of thousands in rent, water bills, and other payable services through the office line, the 41-year-old would then transfer the money to her two personal phone numbers, thereafter transacting through mobile banking to her two accounts held at Family Bank.

“To cover her trail and ensure that the management did not notice any irregularities, Judy would then conspire with the receptionist (Catherine Waithera), who manipulated numbers in the company’s system to indicate that no tenants had any arrears. For doing this, the 26-year-old partner in crime would receive from Judy her unfair share of the stolen amount. This went on from June 2022 to January 2024,” DCI’s statement read in part.

“Hitting the ground running, the detectives commenced investigations by recording statements of all the affected tenants, then seeking orders from a Kiambu court to investigate the concerned banks and mobile money transactions.

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Detectives found a breakthrough in the case after trailing some of the money to a car dealer where Judy who earned Ksh30,000 per month had paid for a Toyota Harrier.

“The painstaking probe also established that Judy, whose monthly salary was Sh30,000, had on April 14, 2023, channeled Sh750,000 to AUTOCAD Motors bank account, which AUTOCAD confirmed to have been payment for a Toyota Harrier Reg. No. KBH 252S bought from their yard. A search in the NTSA database confirmed that Judy was the legitimate owner of the car until January 25, 2024, a date when Kiambaa detectives summoned her to their offices. In an effort to defeat justice, Judy (who was released on bail pending completion of investigations) had thereafter transferred the vehicle to Andronicus Mbuthia Kamakia,” DCI noted.

With these findings, the investigators sought a search warrant for the suspect’s home where the Toyota Harrier was found parked. The filed miscellaneous application also sought orders to impound and detain the vehicle and treat it as proceeds of crime, thus preventing its sale or use as collateral in obtaining loans from any financial institution. 

The orders executed on March 6, 2024, also saw both suspects’ phones and the desktop used by the receptionist confiscated, and the same have since been submitted to the forensic cybercrime unit for detailed analysis.

Audit report in the well-orchestrated scheme reveal that the company lost a total of Ksh15,633,147. 

The two are expected to be presented in court on Wednesday, March 13.

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