June 18, 2024

Defence CS provides an update on investigation over the death of General Ogolla

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Defence CS offers progress on investigation over the death of General Ogolla

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale says the government will avail final report on the death of General Ogolla after investigations are complete

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale says the government will avail final report on the death of General Ogolla after investigations are complete.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV, Duale intimated that the team responsible for the investigations was working round the clock to ensure that no stone was left unturned.

He added that the team had flown to the US to meet with the manufacturer of the chopper that crashed in the incident.

“As the president has promised the country, we will avail a very detailed report. Our teams are now in the US and have gone with all the parts and once all that information is collected and recommendations are given to us, we will tell the country if was it mechanical or anything else,” he remarked.

“The Defence Council will receive the report, the Commander in Chief, Kenyan taxpayers who fund the military, family and friends of Ogolla will have answers.”

Duale dismissed claims that most of the military equipment used in the country is worn out, pointing out that he constantly used the same chopper that Ogolla used.

“I used the aircraft that killed Ogolla’s a number of times… more than 15 times. Prof Kindiki,  IG Koome all used it. We used it when we were going to operational areas. It is a very unique machine that can fly at night…our troops use it in very difficult terrain,” Duale stated.

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In addition, Aden Duale revealed a new policy whereby all politicians are banned from using military assets including Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) helicopters for their political activities.

He Duale noted that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) assets will be strictly used for carrying soldiers whose mandate is to safeguard the country.

The new policy puts a strain on politicians who are fond of using KDF choppers to traverse the country.

“We have now a policy in KDF, we are not going to carry politicians, at all. I mean helicopters are meant for specific functions within KDF,” Duale explained. 

“They are part and parcel of the assets we have in safeguarding the country. They carry our troops, go to operations so not only helicopters but all our assets, going forward.”

He added that he alongside Interior CS Kithure Kindiki are among those exempted from the new policy when they are carrying out operations in the North Rift region or any area that is not secure. 

“When I’m going for an operation, I’ll use military assets, even my colleague CS for Interior, if he’s going to the North Rift or a place that is not secure, he will also use our assets,” he added.

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