June 14, 2024

Democratic Party members oppose Muturi’s move to join Ruto

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Democratic Party members have opposed the decision of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to join Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

Three Democratic Party members; King’ori Chotos, Wambugu Nyamu, and Daniel Munene have signed a petition to the Registrar of Parties, Anne Nderitu, expressing their surprise at the decision.

The members contended that the NDC Party’s February meeting determined that the party would not enter a coalition before the August 9 elections.

The members have registered their displeasure after Muturi joined DP ahead of the August 9 elections.

“After the Nation’s Delegates Conference held on February 20, 2022, the party resolved not to join any coalition before the General Elections to be held on August 9. The decision is in the public domain as the NDC was televised to the nation on the day,” they said.

“The NDC further resolved that in the event the party decides to join a coalition, it will only be after the general election.”

They argued that the party only authorized post-election coalition hence rendering the speakers’ move a breach of party agreement.

The members have now asked the Registrar of political parties to reject the move by DP to join Ruto’s camp since it contravenes party resolutions.

“We ask your office to reject the coalition document purporting to join the party to Kenya Kwanza.”

While joining Kenya Kwanza coalition on Saturday, Muturi said he did so after intense consultation.

The speaker signed a coalition agreement with Kenya Kwanza on behalf of his party saying they will henceforth work together.

“I am happy that after several conversations on coming together, today we have realized that dream of working together for our children and our children’s children,” Speaker Muturi said.

He added: “I have travelled in many parts of the country and I can confirm that the heartbeat of many Kenyans is with the aspirations that I espouse in this coalition. We are happy to associate with the alliance”.

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