June 20, 2024

Form One student Ebby was beaten to death while in school- witnesses tell DCI

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Form One student Ebby was beaten to death while in school- witnesses tell detectives investigating the death.

Detectives probing the death of Ebby Noelle Samuel, a Form One student, say the school management conspired to thwart justice.

On the night of March 8-9, 2019, Ebby, a student of Gatanga CMM Secondary school, now St Anuarite Gatanga Girl’s school, died within the school.

Since then, the DCI has been conducting investigations into the murder.

Police said there was witness intervention in gathering information within the school making the process ineffective. 

They, therefore, chose to undertake the investigation during the April vacation.

“In order to establish the actual circumstances that led to Ebby’s death, the detectives sought to record statements from witnesses who include Ebby’s friends and classmates,” the DCI statement read.

The school administration had claimed that the Form One student Ebby had fallen from her bed the night before her classmates noticed her motionless body.

However, the investigators now believe that the school administration has made contradicting claims and has intimidated students who are willing to tell the truth about what happened.

The detectives went to the students’ homes and told them what had happened.

According to DCI, the team has established that on the fateful night, the deceased had been assaulted severely by a senior member of the school’s administration on allegations that her hair had been styled contrary to school regulations.

Further, the DCI said the incident happened during evening preps time, minutes before the 9 pm bedtime bell rang.

Ebby is said to have retired to bed that night with severe injuries.

“That was the last time Ebby’s friends saw her alive, as their efforts to wake her up the following morning turned futile,” DCI said.

An autopsy conducted by the government pathologist confirmed that Ebby died as a result of blunt force trauma ( a severe head injury).

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