May 24, 2024

Four College Students Arrested For KCSE Examination Fraud

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Four college students have been arrested for KCSE examination fraud found selling examination papers.

The suspects were arrested after they were found selling examination papers to candidates sitting the current Kenya Certificate of Secondary Schools Examinations (KCSE) through WhatsApp group and telegram channels.

However, the detectives attached to the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) initiated the investigations one week ago.

The four college students are from different higher learning institutions.

Four College Students Arrested

Gideon Kibet Tanui also known as Evans Kipruto was the main suspect. 

He was an Information Technology student at Baringo Technical College.

Kibet was picked from his room next to the college. 

At the time he was arrested, he was distributing English paper 2 and Chemistry paper 1, to students of Silibwet and Sitoito secondary schools in Molo, through his Whatapp group with a following of at least seventy members.

Another person who was also arrested was Kevin Kiprotich Langat, a bachelor of arts student in Swahili, at Rongo University.

“It is at Rongo University where a wider syndicate of the examination fraudsters existed, in a Telegram group dubbed the ‘Kale Group’ created under the name ‘Bailing Out’ among other groups,” DCI said.

The arrest of one suspect led to another suspect as Langat’s arrest led detectives to a first-year political science and Swahili student. He was recognized as Justice Leting.

Leting was busy circulating the Kiswahili paper and preparing answers for the Chemistry practical paper.

The DCI dug deep into Leting Whatsapp chats and found out that he was communicating with a person. 

Leting was assuring him that the papers were real and the answers were correct.

The police are still doing their investigations to arrest all the people involved in the examination fraud.

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