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Francis Atwoli; Mudavadi is very cheap, can disappear on a shilling 

Francis Atwoli has fired at Musalia Mudavadi, saying he’s a cheap politician and can disappear on a shilling.

The Cotu secretary-general was responding to ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, who attacked him last week while on a campaign trail in the Western region.

Atwoli said the ANC leader is cheap and easy to buy while speaking in Khwisero, Kakamega county, on Tuesday.

“Musalia is a cheap politician, he can disappear on a shilling. He has ashamed us,” he said.

He went on to say that despite his negative statements, Mudavadi has gained greatly from him.

“Sijakunywa chai kwa nyumba yao. Sijakula kwao, sijakula kwake. Yeye amekula kwangu, ametumia pesa zangu,” Atwoli said.

Last week, Mudavadi dared Francis Atwoli to stop hiding in the shadows of President Uhuru Kenyatta and face him head-on at their home turf in the Western region.

“With all due respect, Atwoli, stop hiding behind President Uhuru to abuse people. If you are man enough, come and abuse me here. Face me directly, but don’t hide behind the president, “Mudavadi said.

He accused Atwoli of giving handouts to Khwisero residents in an attempt to lure them to Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja movement.

“Atwoli is stepping on the people of Khwisero. He thinks it’s leadership when he calls people to his house to give them handouts,” Mudavadi said.

Atwoli recently labeled Mudavadi’s ANC ‘a political commercial Kiosk’ saying it is not a party worth the respect of Kenyans.

The Unionist said, “If ANC was a political party, I would have advised its leadership/staff to seek therapy because they are in the “bargaining” stage of grief after ANC’s burial on January 23, 2022. But because ANC is a political commercial kiosk, I will sleep peacefully knowing that Western is in Azimio.”

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