May 24, 2024

Fuel Crisis; Why Rubis CEO Jean Christian Was Deported 

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Fuel Crisis; Rubis CEO Jean Christian Deported Over Economic Sabotage by Exporting Fuel Meant for the Local Market.

The government has started cracking the whip on oil marketers accused of economic sabotage by exporting fuel meant for the local market.

The Rubis Chief Executive Officer Jean Christian Bergeron has been deported to France for economic sabotage accusations.

The development comes after a meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma.

They recommended further sanctions against oil marketing companies that were complicit in creating the fuel crisis in the country.

The government’s actions come a day after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced that oil marketing companies were selling petroleum intended for the Kenyan market outside the country.

Four oil marketing organizations are expected to face fines, including a reduction in the amount of capacity they import into the country.

Fuel shortage returns again over the State-backed subsidy uncertainties

“It is true the Rubis CEO Bergeron has been deported over economic sabotage,” the Interior Ministry said.

“The investigations and crackdown is on, you will see more action on these top officials in the oil industry,” an official at the Energy Ministry has said.

Kenya has experienced a major fuel shortage in the past two weeks, in what the government blamed on oil marketers who export fuel meant for the local market.

However, the government is now setting plans to strengthen the capacity of national oil to avert such a crisis in future, and also to have a bigger role in the furl retail business.

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