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Government Introduces Mwalimu Award Scheme But How Viable is the Scheme

Mwalimu Award Scheme; Government has introduced Mwalimu Award Scheme to reward performing teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission has commenced a program that will recognize hard-working teachers. 

The Mwalimu Award is intended to recognize teachers who have gone the extra mile in raising educational standards in the country.

The committee is now developing organized criteria and procedures for awarding teachers, according to TSC.

Teachers who excel in a variety of areas, including academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, will be recognized as part of the program.

Teachers Service Commission CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia said the commission will work with relevant personnel to examine possibilities of institutionalizing the Mwalimu awards within current policy and legal frameworks during the announcement of the 2021 KCSE examination results.

Nancy also stated that the commission will immediately begin the process of recruiting 5,000 teachers to help alleviate the current teacher deficit in schools, with a focus on sub-county secondary schools, which admit the majority of students.

She stated that the government has allotted Ksh 2.5 billion to TSC for permanent teacher recruitment and an extra Ksh 1.2 billion for intern employment.

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Mwalimu Award Scheme

Teachers make up the largest group of employees that are always at odds with the government. Their salaries have become a source of concern.

They’ve been complaining about their wages for years, as well as the authorities’ repeated failure to keep their half of the deal when they’ve struck an agreement.

Aside from pay, they have challenges with employment and promotion, particularly once they have completed their education.

Some of these issues predate this administration, even if some could claim that things have gotten worse, given the weakening of the labor movement to the point where it is nearly dead or nonexistent.

However, it seems the government is finally realizing that they are not well rewarded for their duties of shaping young minds and has come up with an award scheme.

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