May 22, 2024

Ida Odinga reveals Raila’s preferred successor

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Ida Odinga reveals Raila's preferred successor

Mama Ida Odinga says many politicians have got the mentorship of Raila and thus are in a position to be his successor

Mama Ida Odinga says many politicians have got the mentorship of Raila and thus are in a position to be his successor.

Following Raila Odinga’s bid for the head of the African Union Commission (AUC), Ida Odinga has sought to allay the concerns about his successor.

Should Raila succeed in his Addis Ababa bid, he would be forced to stay out of local politics, as per the African Union’s code of conduct.

The former prime minister’s traditional political strongholds, namely Luo Nyanza, have been the subject of much conjecture due to his probable absence.

Speaking at a gathering in Nyandiwa, Suba South, Ida noted that a number of local politicians had received mentoring from Raila and were therefore qualified to assume leadership roles.

“Baba (Raila) sent me to tell you that you should be calm and never stress your hearts because even if he goes to lead Africa and leaves Kenyan politics, he’s left behind his brave and competent sons and daughters who can continue with his work,” she said.

In the same breath, Ida indirectly vouched for nominated MP John Mbadi who she said had been by Raila’s side for a while and was therefore aware of the ODM leader’s political know-how.

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“All the years that you’ve been with Baba (Raila Odinga), you’ve gained more knowledge and leadership skills that you can use to lead the people. Are you not able?” Ida posed to Mbadi.

“This is the heartbeat of Baba,” she added.

This came days after the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) dismissed reports that there were divisions in the party after Raila announced his desire to contest for the AUC chairmanship.

In a statement on Thursday, February 22, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna claimed that the media has been promoting false narratives over divisions in the opposition party over succession.

“This is no mean feat but has been achieved by a strong leadership foundation, vibrant party structures, credible values, and a strong party membership base. These virtues form the basis upon which any succession or filling of vacant leadership positions is conducted. If a time ever comes for transitions within the party’s leadership, we will make it public,” said Sifuna.

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