May 22, 2024

Infotrak rates Ruto’s 100 days in office

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Infotrak rates Ruto's 100 days in office

Infotrak rates Ruto's 100 days in office; giving him below average in improving the lives of low-income earners

Infotrak rates Ruto’s 100 days in office; giving him below average in improving the lives of low-income earners.

The survey by Infotrak sought to establish satisfaction for Kenyans regarding the economy, governance, gender equality, infrastructure, as well as other critical areas such as social welfare and foreign affairs.

Kenyans, 69 percent of whom reside in rural regions, were asked to rank Ruto’s administration on its promotion of the rule of law, fight against corruption, national cohesiveness, lowering of commodity prices, and assistance to tiny and micro small, and medium businesses.

They were also invited to discuss how the government has improved access to quality and cheap healthcare, housing programs for all income levels, the inclusion of marginalized groups, improved road systems, and power access, as well as fostering good relations with other nations.

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In the poll, which was made public on Tuesday, December 27, Ruto received a score of 49.6%, with respondents criticizing the president for not doing enough to help low-income workers and cut the cost of food.

Additionally, Kenyans scored Ruto 42% for his efforts to cut living expenses and a dismal 39.6% for breaking his promise to make foodstuff inexpensive and available for Kenyans.

The president received a total score of 52.1%, with his administration doing particularly well in the categories of governance commitments (56%) and gender equality (53%) as well as infrastructure initiatives (60 percent).

The President’s best score was returning port operations to Mombasa, where his performance is rated at 59.9 percent.

President Ruto also scored 55.8 percent in enhancing financial inclusion through the establishment of the Sh50 billion Hustlers Fund.

The survey covered 840 respondents drawn from all 47 counties.

Ruto scored 57.8 percent among respondents aged 18-26 years, and 50.8 percent among those aged 36-45 years.

The survey was carried out between December 21 and 25. 

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