June 14, 2024

Jacob Ochola, Man Claiming to be Kibaki’s Son Wants Stake of Ksh 150B Empire

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Jacob Ochola, Man Claiming to be Kibaki’s Son Wants Stake of Late President’s Ksh 150B Empire.

In an interview with KTN News, Ochola stated that he was made aware of his father at the age of 21 and now wants what is owed to him as the first son of the late President. 

He explained that he had shared special moments with the late president Kibaki. 

Jacob Ochola claims that his mother remarried while he was a kid, which explains why his surname is Luo.

He added that his mother informed him after his foster father’s death that the dead was not his biological father.

Ochola met Mwai Kibaki after his mother arranged a meeting between him and the late president. 

They had also met at Karen Country Club, where both his adoptive father and Kibaki were members.

“I was born on July 22, 1960, in Kaloleni, Nairobi. I grew up knowing I was Luo. I came to know that I was not a Luo when I turned 21 years.

“A year after the person I knew to be my father died, my mom disclosed to me that the person who died was not my biological father. She also told me that she was going to talk to my father because he wanted to see me and she did this after a month or so. This is when I had the privilege to meet the former president,” he narrated.

“I must state here that the former president was a very common person to me. My adopted father was a member of the Karen Country Club and so was the late president and we frequented the place. The late president is someone I knew all my life.”

When former First Lady Lucy Kibaki passed, Ochola said he was present at her funeral and went to see Mzee Kibaki afterward and thanked him for his efforts.

He narrated that after Lucy Kibaki’s burial, he met with his father and the late president assured him that he will get what he is entitled to as his first son.

“When my late stepmother passed on, I was at the Consolata Shrine and I met daddy and he was very grateful that I went there and attended the funeral service,” he noted.

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“After then, I met daddy several times at the Nyari office number seven and I had discussions with him. He assured me that he was going to make sure that I got my share of what I’m entitled to as a person.

“I trusted my father because I’ve always trusted him. So, someone who is going to ask where I have been all this time, there has been a lot going on. I have also gone to three law firms to ensure that I get the recognition that I deserve,” he added.

Jacob Ochola claims that when Kibaki was Vice President, he would pay him a visit at the hotel where he worked as the manager in Mombasa.

He said that when he married his first wife, Mzee paid a visit to them and met his 2-month-old grandchild.

Mzee Kibaki was a frequent visitor to his wife’s hospital room when she became ill and was confined to a Nairobi hospital, according to Ochola.

He claimed that his quiet and desire to remain out of the spotlight was motivated by the late president’s request that he respect him when they were unveiled as father and son in 1982.

Ochola noted that he had promised to keep his relationship with his father private and away from the public sphere until now when he wants to be allocated what he believes rightfully belongs to him.

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