June 14, 2024

Jimmy Wanjigi to Raila Odinga, You’ll Face God’s Punishment at The Ballot

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Jimmy Wanjigi has sent Raila Odinga a warning that God will punish him for the woes he is currently experiencing at the hands of police officers who have entered his offices.

Wanjigi claimed Raila had been intimidating him due to his political stance, accusing him of having a hand in the incident.

Raila will not be spared from God’s wrath, according to Jimmy Wanjigi. 

He also accused President Uhuru Kenyatta, stating that the two were uncomfortable with his plan to run for president.

“One is only good when you’re supporting them. This isn’t the Kenya of today and tomorrow. They’re going to face the wrath of the almighty and the ballot, that I guarantee you,” he said. 

His comments came after police from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) raided his Kwacha Group of Companies headquarters in Westlands on Monday, January 17.

“This evening at 9:30pm, we were told CID are at the gate. They were asked what they want and they said they just want me. What is it about? Can they see a lawyer? They said no,” Wanjigi said. 

Wanjigi said the CID got into the compound and surrounded it. “They were dressed in clothing that disguised them from head to toe. All they are telling my lawyers is that they want me to go to CID to write a statement. I don’t think this is the right way to come at me,” he narrated. 

Despite Raila’s support in 2017, when he defended him from the Jubilee government, he regretted that he was not present to defend him.

“Uhuru Kenyatta should come out and say it and to imagine that my friend Raila Odinga, who I was almost killed for, is sitting with him probably somewhere enjoying this spectacle is the saddest thing of all,” the businessman added. 

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