June 14, 2024

John Terry hits back at criticism leveled to him for his support to Roman Abramovich

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Terry has hit back at the MP who criticized his picture with Roman Abramovich, calling out the politician for his history in government.

Chris Bryant chastised Terry after the former Chelsea captain shared a photo with Abramovich following the announcement that the Russian would sell the club.

The 55-year-old made the choice after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, raising the prospect of penalties against the billionaire.

Bryant, the Welsh Member of Parliament for Rhondda, was the first politician to advocate for consequences against the Blues owner, including the seizure of the Premier League club.

Following that, he was not pleased with Terry’s social media message, and now the ex-England centre back has responded, criticizing Bryant’s role in the expenses scandal as well as his vote on the Iraq war.

“The same MP that claimed fortunes in expenses of the taxpayers’ money. Also, the same MP who voted that we invade Iraq,” Terry tweeted in reply to a Chelsea fan who had defended the 41-year-old.

Since his arrival at Stamford Bridge in 2003, Abramovich has overseen remarkable success for a team that had previously only been top four challengers and occasional cup winners.

They won their first Premier League title in 2005, the first time they had won the competition in England in 50 years, and have since won five league titles in total.

The millionaire has also aided the club in winning multiple FA Cup and League Cup trophies, as well as two Champions League and two Europa League titles.

Despite all that is happening on in the world, his players have backed the Russian, especially as he continues to deny any affiliation with Putin.

Chelsea fans have also been upset with the news that their owner, who has brought all the success back to Stamford Bridge in the past 19 years, is having to sell.

Club legend Pat Nevin has criticized those fans, and past players, for their ‘tears’ and told them to ‘put the violins away’ over the team having to find a new owner.

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