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Judiciary responds to attacks over presidential petition amid claims two judges had tendered resignation letters

Judiciary responds to attacks over presidential petition amid claims two Supreme Court judges had tendered their resignation letters.

Following the decision on the Presidential petition, the Judiciary on Monday, September 12, issued a warning to Kenyans asking them not to criticize the Supreme Court.

The Judiciary noted that it had learned that some of the attacks on social media were being funded by political operatives and other interested parties in the statement signed by the Directorate of Public Affairs and Communication.

This comes just a day after James Orengo hit out at the Chief Justice and terming the Supreme Court verdict that upheld President-elect William Ruto victory as a shame to the country. 

He argued that the bench made a political judgment and not an objective verdict accusing the court of a hidden vendetta its ruling.

However, the judiciary has responded maintaining that it carried out its mandate as per the Constitution.

“The Judiciary’s attention has been drawn to a recent wave of sponsored sustained attack targeting the Supreme Court of Kenya.

“The Supreme Court, was established under Article 163(1) of the Constitution 2010 and given original exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine disputes relating to the elections to the office of the President. The Court has therefore only done its work pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution,” the statement read in part.

“The persons sponsoring and executing the attacks on social media to disparage the Court are advised to desist forthwith,” the Judiciary continued.

According to the statement, some individuals had singled out individual judges accusing them of taking sides in the Raila petition.

“It is further noted that the court is yet to render its reasoned judgment which will outline the basis on which the election of the President-elect was upheld. There is a legal provision of 21 days following the reading of the short version of the judgment to do so. Kenyans are therefore requested to exercise patience as they await the full judgment which will shed light and provide clarity on the grounds and rationale of the Court.

The Judiciary maintained that the judgement given by the seven-judge bench was made unanimously.

“Further, there has been an unfortunate trend of isolating individual judges and attributing the judgment to them. The Court has seven judges who are independent and highly respectful of beach other as equals. A ‘UNANIMOUS’ judgment is a collective decision made by the Court and not by an individual,” the statement continued.

Meanwhile, the judiciary said no Supreme Court judge had written a resignation letter, as claimed in a section of media.

“No Judge of the Supreme Court has written a resignation letter, as claimed in a section of media, because there is no reason to do so. The Court is working in harmony as a cohesive unit,” added the statement.

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