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Karua opens up on her stance if Raila fails to endorse her in the 2027 general elections

Martha Karua maintains that she’ll not be rattled if Raila Odinga fails to endorse her for the presidential race in the 2027 elections.

Azimio la Umoja principal Martha Karua has revealed her stand if Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga fails to endorse her in the succession race.

Speaking on Thursday, December 28, in an interview with Citizen TV, the leader of the NARC-Kenya party stated that Raila had the democratic right to choose anybody he wished.

While referring to multiple assertions that Raila had supported Kalonzo Musyoka as his favored heir, Martha insisted she was unfazed by the choice.

“Raila is entitled to endorse anybody he chooses. It is his democratic right but in this case, he sought to explain. Even if he had not it would not rattle me one bit because it is not a caveat on anyone with an interest coming up, it is just part of democracy,” Karua stated.

Karua, Raila’s running mate in the 2022 presidential contest, nevertheless, asserted that she would make her choice at the appropriate moment.

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“2027 is far away; I will pronounce it when the time comes. Even if ten other people say what they want in 2027, I’m not in any hurry; I’m totally unrattled,” she stated.

On the dialogue report, Karua faulted the National Dialogue Committee report saying the talks were fruitless and a waste of time for Kenyans.

She reprimanded the Kenya Kwanza side claiming they were from the beginning focused on frustrating the talks and had no intention of addressing the issues raised by the Opposition.

“The outcome of the engagement with the rogue KK regime, is they have not bored fruits. I think we have been taken into pole dancing which is endless spinning and nothing comes out of it,” Karua said. 

“The duration of the talks is eight months; April to November. What have we gotten out of it, in my view, absolutely nothing because the three issues that we wanted to be addressed were cost of living, electoral justice (forensic audit), and respect of multiparty democracy.”

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