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KDF officer arrested for stealing firearm from a stranded licensed gun holder

DCI arrests KDF officer and other two civilians over firearm theft from a stranded licensed gun holder in Kirinyaga County

According to reports, the officer, accompanied by a man and a woman as accomplices, targeted the victim who had encountered a mishap while driving, veering off the road and into a ditch. 

This promted the unnamed victim to seek assistance from the public to help free his vehicle.

“The male victim driving in his Toyota Prado had traveled to check on his shamba located in the county’s Kianda area, and along the way got stuck in a murram road for hours,” wrote DCI.

However, upon returning home, he discovered that his CZ pistol, loaded with 14 rounds of ammunition, was missing.

The victim then returned to the scene the same night in search of the firearm but was hindered by darkness and muddy conditions due to ongoing rainfall.

“He returned to the scene the same night searching for the firearm until 10 pm but could do little to trace anything in the dark and trampled muddy passage from an ongoing downpour,” DCI stated.

After the report was filed at Wang’uru Police Station in Mwea East, the detectives launched investigations.

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Subsequent police efforts led to the retrieval of the weapon the following morning in Juja, Kiambu County.

DCI detectives would later arrest the KDF officer and 2 others; 54-year-old William Kabuu Wageni, attached to KDF Kahawa Garrison, 25-year-old Salome Kimani and Benson Wanjau Wakiai in Windridge-Chai Estate in Juja, Kiambu County after which they were escorted to Wang’uru Police Station.

Meanwhile, investigations are currently underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the expenditure of six missing rounds of ammunition from the firearm. 

“Investigations are underway to determine how six rounds of ammunition which were missing from the firearm were expended,” DCI stated.

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