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Kenya MET warns of intense rainfall ahead of festive season

Kenya MET department warns intense rainfall that could lead to flooding in parts of the country as from Sunday.

The Lake Basin, Western Kenya, and South Rift Valley regions are predicted to be impacted by the heavy rainfall that is predicted to start on December 10, according to Kenya Met.

Residents of the identified areas were urged to stay vigilant and adhere to weather and flood alerts.

“Beginning Sunday 10th December, isolated storms and intense rainfall are forecast for the Lake Victoria Basin, Western Kenya & South Rift Valley,” Kenya Met announced.

“Residents are forewarned to adhere to weather and flood alerts to avert more injuries and fatalities.”

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In an advisory, Kenya Met noted the listed counties would begin experiencing heavy downpours from Sunday that would stretch over to subsequent days.

The government projected that the anticipated rainfall will continue until December 15.

According to a statement by the government, Tana River flooding will continue to affect the surrounding areas and is expected to disrupt movement along the Garsen -Lamu road.

The warning comes as 168 Kenyans have so far lost their lives since the onset of El Nino rains.

In addition, 109,033 households, comprising approximately 545,515 individuals have been displaced.

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