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Kenyans call on Ruto to intervene after being conned millions in a syndicate that promised five times profit

Kenyans call on President Ruto to intervene after being conned millions in a syndicate that promised five times profit

On Friday, September 30, residents of Rongai Town voiced their outrage toward a credit firm they said had conned them millions of shillings.

Residents claim that after opening a branch in Rongai Town in late 2021, the company enticed people to create savings accounts by promising them low-interest loans and returns that were five times higher than their initial contributions.

The victims alleged that the attractive terms and conditions of the aforementioned savings and credit cooperative firm tricked them (Sacco).

The Sacco further promised to improve the lives of the locals who were having trouble making ends meet through its purported “bottom-up economic model,” which was taken from Ruto’s campaign slogan.

However, the residents were confronted by a rude shock after the company closed its office doors in Rongai Town. 

“The company came up and told us to save and promised to give back up to three times of the savings back.”

The victims complained that the police’s tardy response hindered efforts to pursue justice. 

Despite taking no concrete action to solve the mystery, the residents claim they reported the situation to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

They bemoaned that despite the DCI’s repeated assurances that they were still investigating, they had reported the issue to them.

The company has a history of difficulties resulting from prior complaints, the victims claim. They requested President William Ruto’s help in their fight for justice.

“This a criminal who has been stealing in your ‘name’, we want action to be taken and not just aiding us to recover our money,” one of the victims lamented.

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