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Kenya’s internet quality ranked among the worst in the world, 106th globally

Kenya’s internet quality ranked among the worst in the world, 106th globally according to the new global digital index.

Kenya had the lowest score on internet quality, ranking 106th internationally, on the five key pillars of digital life.

In terms of stability, growth, and speed, Kenya’s internet is 34% poorer than the world average.

Singaporeans, who this year had the fastest internet in the world, experienced mobile speeds of up to 104 Mbps/s and fixed rates of up to 261 Mbps/s.

According to Surfshark’s Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index’s 2022 global overview report, seven of the top ten ranking nations are located in Europe.

The top internet performers globally were ranked based on internet affordability, quality, e-infrastructure, e-security, and e-government.

Israel topped the 2022 index, pushing Denmark to second place after its lead the previous two years.

Germany ranks third, and France and Sweden round up the top five of the 117 evaluated nations.

Regionally, the US stands out in the Americas as a country with the highest digital quality of life.

Among African countries, South Africa enjoys the highest digital life quality.

In Oceania, New Zealand takes the lead, outperforming Australia in various digital areas this year.

The Democratic Republic of (DRC), Yemen, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Cameroon are the bottom five countries.

However, there was some good news regarding Kenya: it came in at number 78 out of 117 nations in terms of digital well-being.

Kenya’s best rankings in terms of e-infrastructure (61st), e-security (74th), and e-government and internet affordability were all in the top ten (93rd).

For the second year in a row, fixed broadband internet has grown less affordable globally due to rising inflation, widening the digital divide even more.

The cybersecurity firm Surfshark is the one behind the DQL study.

It rates nations according to five essential pillars of digital well-being: internet security, e-government, e-infrastructure, and internet affordability.

Kenya is near the bottom of the index this year, coming in at position 78 and only making it into the top 80 in the final index. Kenya comes in fifth place in Africa, nonetheless.

“Kenya has improved by one position since last year’s edition, rising from 79th to 78th. Out of all index pillars, Kenya’s weakest spot is internet quality, which needs to improve by 140 percent,” states the report that was released on Thursday.

Internet quality in Kenya is very weak, and on a global scale, mobile internet is better than fixed one.

Regarding internet speed alone, Kenya’s mobile internet ranks higher than fixed broadband in the global ranking, operating at 24 Mbps/s (94th globally).

Meanwhile, the fixed broadband internet comes 101st (19.4 Mbps/s).

Compared with South Africa, Kenya’s mobile internet is two times slower, while broadband is three times slower.

Since last year, mobile internet speed in Kenya has improved by 14.5 percent (3.1 Mbps), and fixed broadband speed has grown by 8.5per cent (1.5 Mbps).

The internet in Kenya is not affordable compared with global standards, and there’s a lot of room for improvement, says the report.

Kenya’s internet affordability ranks 93rd in the world.

The study is based on the United Nations’ open-source information, the World Bank, Freedom House, the International Communications Union, and other sources.

This year’s study includes seven (six percent) more countries than DQL 2021, most of which are in Africa.

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