May 20, 2024

Kibaki’s Mang’u Report Card Shows His Brilliance in High School

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Kibaki’s Mang’u Report Card Shows His Brilliance Traced Back to His Days at the Mang’u High School.

Kibaki was ranked top in a class of 32 students on a 1947 report card from the institution, then called as Holy Ghost College.

He received a perfect score of 779.

He received 77, 66, and 78 in Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra, respectively, in Mathematics.

He received 70 and 86 points in History and Geography, respectively.

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Kibaki’s Mang’u Report Card

Mwai Kibaki was sent to a mission school by his father, Kibaki Githinji in 1939 in Gatuyaini village school put up by the Consolata Missionaries. 

From Gatuyaini Primary Kibaki joined Holy Ghost Catholic Missionaries Karima Mission School (now Karima Primary) for the next three years. 

He passed his exams and moved to Mathari School, now renamed Nyeri High School. 

At Mathari, he learned carpentry and masonry and joined fellow students in repairing furniture around the school.

Kibaki was then admitted to Holy Ghost College, currently known as Mangu High School. 

After his O Levels, he joined Makerere University where he became the first African to graduate with a first-class honours degree.

After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Makerere, Kibaki got a scholarship to study at a university of his own choice in the UK. 

He chose the prestigious London School of Economics which had distinguished itself as a centre of excellence. 

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