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KNUT Secretariat Declares Support for Raila Odinga’s Presidency:” We must be in government” 

KNUT Secretariat has declared and called on all teachers to support Raila Odinga’s Presidency:” We must be in government” 

Kenya National Union of Teachers(KNUT) has asked teachers to support Azimio La Umoja. 

During a news conference held by the union on Monday, March 21, KNUT Secretariat through secretary-general Collins Oyuu urged all teachers to support Azimio.

The union’s National Executive Council had decided to back Raila in his bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, according to Oyuu.

“I have to toe the line as requested by my team and that is the National Executive Council. KNUT must work with the government of the day so that we can succeed. What we want from the government we can not get by opposing the government. We as the Kenya National Union of Teachers are in Azimio,” said Oyuu. 

He further stated that teachers’ needs are assured if the union works with the government and the government had endorsed the former prime minister 

“KNUT will forever work with the government of the day. It is not a secret. It is so open and glaring. If the government of the day has endorsed Raila as the fifth president, who am I to take a different direction? I am telling you we are in Azimio,” stated Oyuu. 

Oyuu recognised that members of the union had their right to choose who they wanted but stated as a union they had no otherwise. 

“I know others have their democratic right to think otherwise. As KNUT we don’t have otherwise,” added Oyuu. 

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