Mama Ngina Kenyatta shaves freedom fighter’s dreadlocks after 70 Years

Mama Ngina Kenyatta shaves freedom fighter’s dreadlocks, Field Marshall Muthoni Kirima after 70 Years.

Former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has shaved Mau Mau veteran Muthoni Kirima’s dreadlocks.

Muthoni hadn’t shaved her head in 70 years.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother shaved Muthoni’s dreadlocks and congratulated her for her devotion to the country. Muthoni was the only woman to acquire the rare position of field marshall.

On Saturday, April 2, at a gathering at Muthoni’s home that gathered together Mau Mau legends, Kikuyu elders, and other politicians, the 92-year-old decided to have her dreadlocks trimmed as a mark of fulfillment.

“I have today agreed to shave my hair. This signifies that am contented that our country has had freedom, at last, generations are now free, what we fought for in the forest during clamour for freedom has finally been achieved,” said Muthoni. 

The dreadlocks were cut off and placed on a flag, which was folded and placed in a basket that Mama Ngina had given her.

Her hesitation to trim her dreadlocks was seen by experts as an indication that the freedom warrior had yet to accept that the country was free and that the blood and sweat she and her colleagues had poured in pre-colonial times had not been in vain.

Muthoni in an interview some years back, strongly asserted her hair as her history, “Kenya’s history” and refuses to cut it until the fruits of independence that she fought for are realized. This may be the reason why she seemed not happy and ready to let off go of the dreadlocks she cherished so much.

However, Kenyans condemned the act saying that they had deprived Field Marshal Muthoni of her identity as one of the long-living freedom fighters of our country.

In her speech, Mama Ngina Kenyatta urged Mt Kenya locals to unite, further calling for the end of insults. 

“We have now become the laughing stock of other tribes because of the insults,” she regretted. In the same meeting held in Nyeri, other freedom fighters aired out their grievances and challenges they face despite being the country’s founding citizens. 

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