May 22, 2024

Man in shock after his lover of five years elopes with another man 5 days to wedding

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Man in shock after his lover of five years elopes with another man 5 days to wedding

A Mombasa man is crying for justice after his estranged lover eloped with a man five days before their planned wedding

A Mombasa man is crying for justice after his estranged lover eloped with a man five days before their planned wedding.

Zulla Juma Abdullah claims that his fiancée Rukia Suleiman eloped with her current husband on February 14 and the wedding ceremony was conducted inside their matrimonial home in Kiembieni.

Abdullah and Rukia had planned to marry on February 21 and had been in the relationship since 2019.

He is now calling on security apparatus to assist him recover his house, which his estranged lover has since occupied with her new lover.

Abdullah who is physically disabled following an accident, in Holland, has since reported the matter at Kiembieni police station under OB number 51/18/02/24.

In his statement to the police, he alleged that his wife had been cheating contrary to section 315 of the Penal Code, with another man and that she should be arrested over the crime.

He has further informed police that he has been in a relationship with Rukia since 2019 after he met her through a friend and that he has been sending her money for the construction of their two-bedroom house located in Kiembieni.

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“I built the house from my sweat while working back in Holland after l came back earlier this year for the wedding preparations, l was informed that she was already married and living with a man in the house to whom l have been sending her money to build. When l went to enquire, l found that the wedding had been conducted two days earlier and the suit l was to wear during the wedding had been worn by her new husband,” he said.

He claims that he has since been forced to move in with his parents in Likoni after he was threatened to leave his house.

“On the day l arrived home and found her with a new man she became hostile and threatened to beat me. l was rescued by neighbours and now I’m being housed by my parents,” he decried.

“All l want is justice to be served. l want to recover my house that they have moved into,” he lamented.

On her part, Rukia stated that she would not give answers to the allegations being levelled against her on the phone.

“Who has informed you of this matter? Is it the police? I cannot comment on the matter over the phone. Let me know when we can meet at the police station and establish who shared the report,” she said.

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