June 20, 2024

Mason Greenwood released on bail

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Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood released on bail after being arrested for alleged sexual assault and other crimes.

Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United striker, has been given bail after being arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a lady called Harriet Robson, who is said to be his ex-girlfriend.

Photographic evidence, including audiotapes of Greenwood forcing himself on Harriet, surfaced on Instagram, and the England player allegedly conveyed death threats to the young woman.

However, Greater Manchester Police have issued a statement announcing that the Manchester United player has been released on bail pending further investigation.

The statement read:

“A 20-year-old man arrested on suspicion of the rape and assault of a woman has been released on bail pending further investigation.”

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Greenwood has yet to make a statement on the event, but he has been released on bail. In the interim, he is not anticipated to play football because authorities are still investigating his alleged crimes.

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