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MoH issues guidelines to help Kenyans during rainy season

Ministry of Health (MoH) publishes guidelines aimed at keeping Kenyans safe during the rainy season.

The Ministry has urged the public to remain vigilant and attentive during this rainy season and provided an emergency hotline number to report any emergencies to prevent fatalities.

In a statement, the MoH underscored the need for extra precautions during heavy rains and issued essential safety guidelines, which include avoiding crossing swollen rivers to prevent drowning. For individuals residing in areas prone to landslides or flooding, relocation to safer locations is advised.

The MoH also encouraged citizens to report emergencies by calling 719 or using the emergency hotline numbers: 0729 471414 or 0732353535. 

Additionally, they emphasized the importance of good hygiene, urging people to wash their hands regularly, use latrines, and practice proper hand hygiene.

The Ministry of Health has warned against the potential risks associated with heavy rains and urged Kenyans to stay indoors, ventilate their homes, and take measures such as boiling or treating drinking water to prevent diseases and ensure proper drainage.

The risks during the rainy season include respiratory diseases due to cold weather, water-related diseases like cholera and typhoid, landslides in hilly areas, mosquito-related diseases, swollen rivers, and broken banks, which can compromise water sources.

These precautions come as the Kenya Meteorological Department issues alerts of intensified rainfall, posing a significant risk of flooding in various parts of the country. 

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The heavy rains are forecast to extend to areas including Nairobi, the southeastern lowlands, the western regions, and the coast, with rainfall exceeding 30mm within a 24-hour period.

To raise awareness and ensure the safety of Kenyans, the Kenya Meteorological Department has been posting videos and images of flooding rivers on their official social media accounts.

Residents living in hilly areas, particularly along the Aberdare ranges, Mt. Kenya, and other regions in the west, have been advised to remain vigilant, as floods may occur even in areas where heavy rainfall has not been reported. 

People are cautioned against driving or walking through flowing water and seeking shelter under trees or near exposed windows during rainy conditions to minimize exposure to lightning strikes.

These proactive measures aim to mitigate the potential risks and ensure the safety of Kenyan citizens during the rainy season.

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