May 20, 2024

More boys than girls out of school, (132 million and  127 million) globally- Unesco

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More boys than girls are out of school, (132 million and 127 million) globally- A new report by Unesco finds. 

According to a new survey conducted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Commonwealth Secretariat, more boys than girls are now out of school and are more likely to drop out.

The survey carried out in 140 countries titled “Leave No Child Behind: The Global Report on Boys’ Disengagement from Education” says about 132 million boys are currently out of school compared to 127 million girls.

And, while girls have a difficulty getting an education and make up the bulk of out-of-school children in elementary school, the data shows that boys have more obstacles at later stages.

According to the report, boys are more likely than girls to repeat grades, fail to proceed and complete their education, and have inferior school learning outcomes.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland underlined the secretariat’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda of improving education for all during the virtual introduction of the study on boys’ disengagement from school.

“So often we focus our discussions on equality in education around girls, and it is right that we have that focus. But all children deserve the best chance to unlock their potential and unleash their talents,” said Ms Scotland.

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The report, a first-of-its-kind, sheds a light on the factors driving boys’ disengagement from education and seeks to answer important questions such as what can be done to realise boys’ right to education.

Stefania Giannini, Unesco Assistant Director-General for Education observed the report shows the widening scale of boys’ disengagement from education and the urgency of taking decisive steps to keep them in school and support them throughout their education.

The report revealed that poverty and the need to work, are among the most important drivers of boys’ dropout.

Gendered norms and expectations, harsh discipline, bullying, and practices such as the streaming of classes and gender segregation, also contribute to boys’ low motivation, underachievement, and disengagement from education.

Boys are more likely to repeat primary grades in 130 of 142 nations, according to the report.

It also shows that fewer boys than girls enroll in upper secondary education in 73 nations.

According to the survey, just 88 males for every 100 women are enrolled in postsecondary education, and 97 million of the 160 million youngsters participating in labor activity in 2020 will be boys.

The report challenges governments, development partners, communities, schools, families, and students to devise initiatives that are adapted to country-specific settings in order to prevent boys from dropping out of school and make learning safe and inclusive.

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