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Mother Collapses and Dies After Police Snatch Her Purse Which Had Chama Money

Mother has collapsed and died after the police snatch her purse which had Ksh30,000 chama money.

A police probe has been initiated into the death of a mother of five who died after two police officers allegedly stole Ksh30,000 from her chama.

Scolastica Marada died immediately after two cops stormed her home, according to Trans Nzoia County Police Commander Jecinta Wesonga, who confirmed the incident.

According to Wesonga, the policemen from the Kiminini police station who were accused of taking the money from the deceased were detained.

“We are aware of the death and have received reports that the two allegedly took money from the woman. The officers have been reprimanded as we look to establish the truth,” she stated.

According to the police report, officers performing a raid on illegal brewers approached Marada, who had been in business for eight years, and demanded a “protection fee.”

Brenda, the deceased’s sister, alleged that the officers forced Marada to pay a large bribe, which she sought unsuccessfully to reduce to Ksh1,000.

Marada is claimed to have gone into her house after a brief disagreement and was immediately followed by the two officers.

“She walked into the house and they went after her. One of the officers grabbed the purse from my sister before leaving the house,” Brenda recounted.

Immediately, Brenda and her other sister, Nekesa, walked into the house only to find Marada in a sorry state – she had collapsed and was lying helplessly on the floor.

“Scola kept on saying, that the one wearing glasses had finished her. That he had taken Ksh30,000 that she had collected from her table banking group,” Nekesa stated.

They administered first aid to the victim before rushing her to a local health facility. 

However, she was pronounced upon arrival, and her body was taken to the Kiminini Cottage Mission Hospital mortuary.

The deceased had a heart condition and she suffered from hypertension, or blood pressure. 

The altercation with the officers may have triggered an attack.

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