July 17, 2024

Mt Kenya Forest Fire Razes Down 16,000 Acres of Forest As KFS Ask For Help

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Mt Kenya Forest fire has so far razed down 16,000 acres of the forest as KFS ask for help

Conservationists have issued a warning about a roaring fire that started on Saturday, March 19, and has burned over 16,000 acres in the Marania section of Mt Kenya Forest.

Despite the government’s efforts to put out the fire, the Mt Kenya Forest fire destroyed a large portion of the Moorland.

The inferno has spread quickly due to scorching weather and strong winds in the area, according to the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

Firefighters from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), Rhino Ark, Mt Kenya Trust, and the general public are assisting in putting out the blaze.

The firefighters have had only minor success despite their diligent efforts.

On Wednesday, March 24, the fire had destroyed over 6,500 acres of the forest but kept raging on.

The cause of the fire is still unknown even as the authorities point accusing fingers at honey harvesters.

The efforts by the firefighters have also been hampered by the rugged terrain which has made it impossible for water boozers to access the area.

Mt Kenya Trust has been on the forefront in fighting the fire and states that the fire reignited hours after being successfully put out.

“The situation is out of control. The firefighters are overwhelmed because we have been handling fires in Mt Kenya and Aberdares in the last 10 days. It is an emergency,” stated Mt Kenya Trust in a statement.

The Trust feared that some criminals were setting the fires on purpose.

The severity of the wildfires has had a negative impact on the natural ecosystem, killing hundreds of animals while destroying vegetation.

Mt Kenya, Africa’s second tallest peak, is a world heritage site with a diverse range of fauna including lakes, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs, and unusual animals.

Increased erosion and water runoff have been seen as a result of the flames.

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