Nadia Mukami’s Pregnancy Rumors; “Nadia awache kuficha mimba,”Jalang’o

Nadia Mukami’s Pregnancy Rumors; “I Am Telling You It’s True” Jalang’o confirm the pregnancy rumors 

Radio host Jalang’o appeared to confirm Nadia Mukami’s Pregnancy Rumors with Arrow boy. 

During his breakfast show on Kiss FM, Jalang’o urged Mukami to stop hiding her alleged pregnancy by wearing baggy sweaters.

He added that the pregnancy will eventually show up.

“Nadia pia sasa itabidi awache kuvaa masweater…wacha mimba tu itoke tu…mimba ni kama kohozi hauwezi zuia, ikibidi ukohoe utakohoa tu..”

He further congratulated the couple on their alleged pregnancy.

“Nadia and Arrow Boy congratulations…”

Jalang’o added that the couple visited him over the holidays and he confirmed that Nadia was heavily pregnant. 

“You know they visited me at home, in the village…and see I am telling you it’s true…I think they’re waiting to do a baby bump shoot” said Jalang’o

‘Radio Love’ hitmaker’s videos and images have been greeted by curious netizens who have either inundated the singer with inquiries about the claimed pregnancy or congratulated her on the alleged pregnancy in recent months.


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The pair has yet to comment on the reports of a pregnancy.

Mukami, on the other hand, responded to a fan’s comment regarding the pregnancy two days ago.

The fan asked “Wapi mimba dadangu?” to which Mukami sarcastically replied “hebu tuulize Ronaldo ni kama tumeiacha kwa field kesho siataisahau nitakuletea unibebee nisiisahau tena.”

Arrow boy further denied claims of pregnancy during a Q&A session with his fans when he said “Uliskia wapi? Tuko family planning, mtoto ni 3yrs from now.”

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