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Okiya Omtatah claims life is in danger after Ruto remarks

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah claims life is in danger after Ruto’s remarks to deal with individuals sabotaging his developmental agenda.

Omtatah made the revelation after allegedly being turned away from filing a police statement in Kisii.

The Busia Senator was reportedly turned away by from Nyanchwa Police after he was referred there by officers from Mosocho Police Station in Kitutu Chache South.

“The OCPD has ordered his juniors not to take my statement. The president threatened my life and others over the remarks he made and we need to take action.”

“We are governed by laws and cannot be taken back by such remarks which are unconstitutional. The president needs to apologise to Kenyans,” he said.

The Busia Senator claimed that Ruto targeted him using his sword remarks during a church function at Cardinal High School, Mosocho where he conducted a fundraiser.

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Ruto during the function, vowed to deal with individuals sabotaging his developmental agenda.

“These people who are frustrating through the courts on the Housing Levy are the real enemies of our country, you gave me the power, this sword is not for chopping vegetables,” Ruto remarked.

Among the petitioners who have filed cases in court Omtatah and the Law Society of Kenya. On 28 November, the High Court dealt a blow to the 1.5 per cent housing levy, declaring it unconstitutional because it was discriminatory and created an unequal playing field.

Law Society of Kenya on Monday, December 18, reprimanded President Ruto calling his remarks reckless and a threat to democracy.

“Alongside the sword, the President was given the Constitution. The sword is intended to protect and uphold the Constitution& is not an instrument of oppression. As advocates, we similarly took an oath to protect the Constitution and rule of law. We will do so candidly, boldly and won’t be threatened or intimidated from challenging any government decision that offends the Constitution. The Constitution of Kenya is our sword & we will swing it against impunity,” LSK President Eric Theuri stated.

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