On Valentines day; Man jailed for 25 years for raping another man

On Valentines day, the Kibera court has sentenced a man accused of raping another man in Dagoretti to 25 years in prison.

The incident was perpetrated on October 15, 2016, at Dagoretti market in Nairobi county, according to the charging document.

He was additionally charged with committing an indecent act with an adult on a second count.

After the DPP called multiple witnesses to testify in the case, he was found guilty.

In court, the victim stated that the accused welcomed him to his house, where he committed the crime.

“He is my neighbour and he called me to his house, where he forced anal sex with me. I felt a lot of pain. He did that to me on several occasions, “he told the court.

He said that the accused person raped him alongside another man who was not before the court.

“He raped me four consecutive times while in the company of another man called blackie,” he told the court.

He was admitted to the KNH, where he was treated and released, he claimed.

The victim’s brother also testified in court, telling the court that the victim told him about how the accused raped him.

He stated that the incident was reported to the police and that the accused was detained and arraigned.

During court proceedings, the victim pointed fingers at the accused on several occasions to prove his case.

In addition, a Nairobi hospital medic testified in court.

The accused person denied the wrongdoing and said he never committed the offence.

While reading the sentence, the magistrate said that the prosecution proved the case against him.

The accused person mitigated that he was a family man and asked for lenient sentencing.

The magistrate, however, jailed him for 25 years and gave him 14 days to appeal if he wished to do so.

Meanwhile, enjoy valentines day.

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