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Oscar Sudi stopped at Wilson Airport with British billionaire

Oscar Sudi and British billionaire were involved in another Wilson Airport drama after landing from Eldoret.

The two were in company with a controversial Tanzanian politician Lazaro Nyalandu were briefly stopped at the Airport after landing.

Oscar Sudi had also a similar fracas at Wilson Airport in August last year when Turkish businessman Harun Aydin was arrested and deported over money laundering.

A manifest shows that the plane picked the two foreigners from Tanzania on January 2 and flew to Nairobi via Wilson Airport.

They then left Nairobi for Eldoret to meet an unknown person for an undisclosed mission on January 4 and flew back the following day. 

Upon arriving at the airport, they were briefly stopped by the police for their luggage to be scanned.

They had followed to use the VIP terminal but were ordered to go to another location.

The legislator was enraged when airport personnel informed him that there was no scanner available and that they were required to have their luggage examined.

They eventually came to an agreement after learning that the airport officials would not allow them to pass through.

What the two foreigners were doing in Sudi’s company on Wednesday is still unknown.


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The British billionaire, Michael Spencer, is a member of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords.

He founded NEX Group, a UK-based company that specializes in electronic markets and post-trade services, which was acquired by CME Group in November 2018.

Spencer is a British financial broker, politician, and investor with interests in hospitality, aviation, deep-sea fishing, and horse breeding, according to reports.

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