July 17, 2024

“Prepare for unstoppable mass action” Azimio tells Ruto

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"Prepare for unstoppable mass action" Azimio tells Ruto

Azimio coalition asks Ruto adminstration to prepare for unstoppable mass action over high taxation and cost of living

Azimio coalition asks Ruto adminstration to prepare for unstoppable mass action over high taxation and cost of living.

Through the National Assembly minority leader Opiyo Wandayi, the coalition asked their Kenya Kwanza counterparts to get ready for serious and unstoppable mass action after the Kamukunji meeting scheduled for Tuesday. 

Wandayi, who was speaking in Nyatike Sub County during the ODM party delegate meeting on Monday, said the Azimio team will embark on a serious mass action that might not stop in due course.

He argued that they couldn’t just watch as Kenyans suffered as a result of the heavy taxes the government imposed. 

He claimed that the Kenyan people will oppose any attempt by the government to increase their taxes.

“We want to embark on a new journey at Kamukunji… a lot has been said, but where we have reached now, we must seek direction from the people. The journey that is beginning at Kamukunji may be unstoppable. 

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Depending on what the people will tell us, it will change the politics of this country,” said the minority leader. 

His remarks were echoed by ODM party chairman John Mbadi who said that over taxation of the citizens will not help the Ruto government to raise money to develop the country.

“This Kenya Kwanza government is taking the salaries of civil servants, we are headed to dangerous grounds, there is no economy which can grow by overtaxing its citizens,” Mbadi said. 

The two called on the ODM party leaders from the grassroots level to keep the party strong to ensure it remains the strongest party in the country.

The Azimio la Umoja coalition will today hold a public Baraza at Kamukunji grounds. 

The meeting is in protest of the recently passed Finance Bill 2023, which was signed into law by President Ruto on Monday. 

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