June 14, 2024

President Museveni’s government ban women from occupying front seats in trucks

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President Museveni’s government has banned women from occupying front seats in trucks in order to minimize accidents.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, female traders in Uganda would not be allowed to sit in the driver’s seat.

According to President Museveni’s government, women are largely to blame for the accidents that occur in Lira City.

The decision was made after a vehicle accident in the Lira area on January 10 that killed nine people, according to The Monitor.

“A Fuso vehicle conveying traders and their merchandise was involved in an accident near Pii-awac wetland, seven kilometers east of Lira City,” according to The Monitor.

Despite the fact that the accident was most likely caused by reckless driving and overloading, authorities blamed the businesswomen as well.

Because they allegedly wear shorts and expose skirts and dresses, the women are accused of distracting truck drivers.

According to the authorities, this is a regular practice among women in the area, making them a big road hazard.

The instruction elicited diverse reactions from netizens, with some going to social media to express their grievances.

One Twitter user named Edward Ssonko said that this was an excuse for reckless truck drivers.

“How many of these accidents involve women seated at the front and are wearing short skirts? Just produce that report whoever came up with this decision,” he said.

Another user named Izaben asked; “Who has more effect between the one seated in front and the ones outside where the driver’s eyes are all the time? And why only trucks yet there are taxis, buses, and Ubers?”

Others said that the decision was appropriate as Ugandan women often wear short skirts that could distract drivers. 

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