June 14, 2024

Raila Odinga Hires Hawker Who Sneaked Past Tight Security to Reach Him

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Raila Odinga has given a job to a hawker who sneaked past tight security to hand over a letter during Azimio la Umoja tour in Thika, Kiambu county. 

On Saturday, January 29, the former premier responded to the guy during a rally held at Ihura stadium in Murang’a county.

The ODM leader called the man up to the podium and read the letter’s contents.

The hawker described the difficulties they faced as dealers in Thika under the watchful eye of the county askaris in his letter.

“Do you remember the young man who passed a letter to me during my January 15 rally in Thika? He has accompanied me here today. His name is Joshua Kimani, and he is a trader based in Thika. In his letter, he said he was asking for my intervention because the county government askaris had made the work environment in Thika unconducive,” he said. 

“After reading his letter, I reached out to him, and I’m glad he is here with me today. I promise to look into his welfare, moving forward. He will be one of my grassroots mobilizers,” he added. 

Mr. Odinga revealed that the hawker had been hired as ‘chief campaigner” ‘ and will be one of his soldiers ahead of the August 9 general election. 

“I told him that what he was going through is similar to what we experienced under the hands of local authorities, even in Nairobi. But I have taken him in as one of my loyal soldiers, and we will walk together until we save all the other traders,” he said. 

Kimani attempted to reach Raila Odinga in the pondium but was unable to get past the security detail. 

The former prime minister noticed that security officers attempted to him in the crowd from reaching him.

“Let him come to the podium, don’t rough him up,” Raila said in what appeared to be remarks directed at uniformed police officers providing security at the event.

“I am in receipt of your letter, and I promise to respond,” he said, as the brief interruption lasted 30 seconds. 

The crowd cheered as Raila gave an assurance of feedback in Saturday’s rally in Murang’a.

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